Oracle 1Z0-881- Updated Exam Qestions

A General Description of Oracle 1Z0-881 Exam

The Oracle 1Z0-881 Exam is suitable for people having jobs associated with the administration of security in an Oracle Solaris or aSolar Operating System. These include Oracle Solaris 10 or OpenSolaris.

Prerequisites for Oracle 1Z0-881 Exam

It is recommended that all the candidates appearing for the Oracle 1Z0-881 Exam should have any relevant certification regarding the administration of Oracle Solaris or any other Solaris operating system, as well as networks. In addition to that, it is assumed that all candidates taking the Oracle 1Z0-881 Exam have detailed knowledge of the features of UNIX and Solaris Operating Systems. Furthermore, the candidates should have working expertise regarding the administration of security in an Oracle Solaris Operating System. Finally, candidates would find further ease if they are certified as an Oracle or Sun Network Administrator and Sun or Oracle System Administrator.

Brief Outline of Oracle 1Z0-881 Exam

The curriculum for Oracle 1Z0-881 Exam is divided into six sections, each containing sub topics. The sections are:

  • First section: Basic rules and features of security.
  • Second section: Secure installation of systems.
  • Third section: Least privilege principles.
  • Fourth section: Features that are cryptographic.
  • Fifth section: Security of networks and applications.
  • Sixth section: Security in Solaris Zones and Solaris Audit.

General Information about Oracle 1Z0-881 Exam

The exam number for this exam is 1Z0-881. It is MCQ based, contains 59 questions and has a duration of one and a half four. The minimum score for passing the mark is 49%. Oracle 1Z0-881 Exam fees is 245 USD but can differ according to the part of the world the candidates apply from.

How to Prepare Oracle 1Z0-881 Exam

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