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Question: 1

Which network protocols are supported for administrative access to a FortiGate unit? (Choose three.)

D. Telnet

Answer: C, D, E

Question: 2

What capabilities can a FortiGate provide? (Choose three.)

A. Mail relay.
B. Email filtering.
C. Firewall.
D. VPN gateway.
E. Mail server.

Answer: B, C, D

Question: 3

What methods can be used to access the FortiGate CLI? (Choose two.)

A. Using SNMP.
B. A direct connection to the serial console port.
C. Using the CLI console widget in the GUI.
D. Using RCP.

Answer: B, C

Question: 4

When creating FortiGate administrative users, which configuration objects specify the account rights?

A. Remote access profiles.
B. User groups.
C. Administrator profiles.
D. Local-in policies.

Answer: C

Question: 5

How is the FortiGate password recovery process?

A. Interrupt boot sequence, modify the boot registry and reboot. After changing the password, reset the boot registry.
B. Log in through the console port using the “maintainer” account within several seconds of physically power cycling the FortiGate.
C. Hold down the CTRL + Esc (Escape) keys during reboot, then reset the admin password.
D. Interrupt the boot sequence and restore a configuration file for which the password has been modified.

Answer: B

Question: 6

Which statements are true regarding the factory default configuration? (Choose three.)

A. The default web filtering profile is applied to the first firewall policy.
B. The ‘Port1’ or ‘Internal’ interface has the IP address
C. The implicit firewall policy action is ACCEPT.
D. The ‘Port1’ or ‘Internal’ interface has a DHCP server set up and enabled (on device models that support DHCP servers).
E. Default login uses the username: admin (all lowercase) and no password.

Answer: B, D, E

Question: 7

What are valid options for handling DNS requests sent directly to a FortiGates interface IP? (Choose three.)

A. Conditional-forward.
B. Forward-only.
C. Non-recursive.
D. Iterative.
E. Recursive.

Answer: B, C, E

Question: 8

What logging options are supported on a FortiGate unit? (Choose two.)

B. Syslog
C. FortiAnalyzer

Answer: B, C

Question: 9

Regarding the header and body sections in raw log messages, which statement is correct?

A. The header and body section layouts change depending on the log type.
B. The header section layout is always the same regardless of the log type. The body section layout changes depending on the log type.
C. Some log types include multiple body sections.
D. Some log types do not include a body section.

Answer: B

Question: 10

Which is an advantage of using SNMP v3 instead of SNMP v1/v2 when querying a FortiGate unit?

A. MIB-based report uploads.
B. SNMP access limited by access lists.
C. Packet encryption.
D. Running SNMP service on a non-standard port is possible.

Answer: C


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