Fortinet Certified Security Professional- FCESP Exam Preparation

Overview of the certification:

The attainment of this certification proves that the candidate has the skills and experience in handling, arranging and organizing of a Fortimail Secure Messaging Platform. This certification further enhances the performance and skills of an individual. In addition, it also allows the organization to assess the skills of different employees. Individuals, who are already Fortinet certified, must have the knowhow of all possible email security challenges, which large firms might encounter. They should also know the necessary Fortimail product features, which provide protection against different threats.

Roadmap to Fortinet Certified Security Professional:

A large number of resources ranging from training classes to white papers are available on Fortinet website. These resources can aid an individual to become a Fortinet Certified Security Professional. There are certain steps, which are listed below, which every candidate should follow. This will facilitate the candidates in attaining the Fortinet certified certification.


1.) Reading and understanding of Fortimail Datasheet.

2.) Studying Fortimail Product Matrix.

3.) Understanding of Hardware and Installation guides for Fortimail. These guides can be found on Fortinet Technical Documentation website.

Highly important:

It is extremely important for every candidate to take the 221- Fortinet Email Filtering course. This training course will clear the concepts of candidates and will assist them in becoming Fortinet certified.


It is compulsory for every individual to clear the Fortinet Certified Security Professional Exam in order to become Fortinet Certified. Retake of exam can also be given if exam is not cleared in a single attempt.


Going into the examination hall without good preparation is like eliminating all your chances of success. Good preparation material leads to high quality preparation. You can go through the services and material provided by IT Security Certifications to enhance the quality of your preparation.




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