CCISO 712-50 Exam – An Effective way to Prepare

What is CCISO?

CCISO is an industry leading program that is used for recognition of real world experience necessary for the success at the highest executive levels of information security. This certification aims to bring together all the components of a C-level position as the governance, audit management, human capital management, audit management, financial expertise and strategic program development.

CCISO Content Details

The content details of the CCISO are given below for providing an outline of topics expected to be present in the exam

Domain 1 = Governance, Legal and Compliance

Establishing the structure of information security

  • Understanding the procedures, standards, directives and legal issues that leave an effect on the information security program.
  • Developing an understanding of the enterprise information security compliance program and being able to manage the compliance team.
  • The ability to do the analysis of external laws, standards, best practices applicable to the organization.
    Follow organizational Ethics.
  • Compiling, analyzing and reporting compliance program.
  • The understanding of information security compliance procedures and processes.

Domain 2 = Management Control and Audit Management

The topics included in this domain are covered by two sub topics

  • Information Security Management Controls
  • Auditing Management

Domain 3= Management – Projects and Operations

  • Acquire, develop and manage an information security project team.
  • Developing, managing and monitoring the budgets of information system programs, estimating and controlling the cost of individual budgets.
  • Identifying and managing stakeholders, communicating effectively in order to report the performance and progress.

Domain 4 = Information Security Core Competencies

The topics included in the information security core competencies are

  • Access Control
  • Risk Management
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • IDS/IPS, Firewall and Network Defense Systems
  • Trojan, Malware and Virus Issues
  • Wireless Security
  • Hardening an OS
  • Encryption Technologies
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Incident response and computer forensics

Domain 5 = Strategic planning and Finance

  • Strategic planning
  • Finance

CCISO Exam Requirements

The candidate needs to have five years of experience in every CCISO domain, if they don’t get any training on the exam. After the candidate getting the training of exam needs to be familiar with the any of the three domains verified by the exam eligibility application.

Preparation Tips for CCISO

  • Self Study
  • Training
  • EISM The Associate CISO program

Perfect preparation Of CCISO 712-50 Exam

Practice questions, make your preparation perfect and give you an opportunity to prepare for the 712-50 exam in a scenario very similar to the real one. The practice questions are same as the real questions and by preparing through these questions, you get your confidence boosted and you perform well in the actual exam. Free demo and the actual practice exam give you an attractive chance of making your preparation up to the mark for passing the exam in first attempt!

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